Ferrari FXX Sounds Amazing Throughout Its Entire RPM Range

Thinking back, 2005 feels like a different era. Ford introduced the retro-looking Mustang. Camaro and Challenger were nowhere to be found. George Lucas finished his Star Wars prequel trilogy with Revenge of the Sith. Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, and Kanye West called out the president on TV. It’d be a year before Twitter popped online. Also, in 2005, a Ferrari Enzo underpinned the pinnacle of the company’s top-tier performance vehicle — the FXX.

Back then, it boasted 800 horsepower from its 6.3-liter V12, producing 506 pound-feet of torque. The transmission incorporates features from the company’s Formula 1 program, allowing for shits that happen in less than 100 milliseconds. Today, a Dodge Challenger makes 840 hp, and you can take it to the drag strip and then to the grocery store.

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Ferrari has what it calls the XX Programs, which is an opportunity for owners of the FXX, 599XX, and FXX K Evo to take their cars out to Ferrari-approved track events around the world. Activities span from Italy to Texas to Shanghai. The owners can participate in events and technical session over the years while being closely monitored by Ferrari experts. They also get a chance to meet Ferrari engineers. Owners of XX Ferraris aren’t your typical high-rolling clientele. For the FXX, Ferrari hand-picked who would get to own one of 30 FXX race cars – with “ownership” being a very loose term here.

YouTuber Automotive Mike caught the XX Programs at its stop at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. While the video focuses on the FXX, there are plenty of 599X Ferraris on the track, too, which sound just as the Enzo-based FXX does some 13 years after its introduction. You can hear the engine scream as the owners take the engine’s rpm through the entire rev range.

The next stop for the XX Program is Shanghai, which is then followed by Fuji and Brno in the Czech Republic.

Source: Automotive Mike via YouTube

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