Pagani HQ Tour Vid Gets Up-Close With a $7M Cinque Roadster

This year’s Gumball 3000 rally is a special one. Pretty much every Gumball rally is special in some manner simply because of the cars involved and the exotic destinations along the route. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the event, however, and one of the stops on this year’s London-to-Tokyo adventure – which incidentally includes two cargo planes to fly the cars to Japan – was a visit to Pagani’s headquarters in Italy. Mr JWW on YouTube took a video camera on the tour, and yes, the place is every bit as epic as you’d expect.

Other epic places to visit:

Scratch that. It’s more epic than you can imagine. The detail in the building itself is amazing, from spotlights in the ceiling that say Pagani to handles on doors that are straight-up hand-stitched  handles from the company’s hypercars. Display cases are made of carbon fiber with custom bolts holding it together, and that’s just a freaking display case. The walls are literally alive with shrubbery, and don’t you dare think things aren’t as amazing on the assembly floor where workers build cars. The “factory” is designed to resemble a quaint corner of an Italian village, complete with street lights. Each car is hand-assembled, and the place looks tidier than a static-free clean room at Area 51.

Pagani Headquarters Tour
Pagani Headquarters Tour
Pagani Factory Tour
Pagani Factory Tour

As awesome as all that is, the tour wouldn’t be complete without checking out the collection of Pagani cars kept at the headquarters. It’s pretty much a complete retelling of Zonda history, including the “Grandma” development car that looks better than most mainstream production cars, despite wearing a hodgepodge of parts and having done 500,000 kilometers (310,686 miles). Pagani’s first race car is in the mix, but we’re drawn – as is our videographer – to the amazing Cinque Roadster.

Pagani Headquarters Tour
Pagani Headquarters Tour

Only five were built, with the display car being the last of the bunch and it is phenomenal. The up-close look redefines our take on attention-to-detail, with everything from the carbotanium weave of the tub to the buttons for resetting the trip odometer presented as we’ve never seen before.

Following this tour, the Gumball participants were slated for a flight to Japan. Frankly, we would’ve preferred to stay at the factory a bit longer, but such is the Gumball life.

Source:  Mr JWW via YouTube

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