Turquoise Chrome Lamborghini Urus Wants All The Attention

The Lamborghini Urus is already a polarizing vehicle. The Italian supercar manufacturer is, of course, well-known for making bonkers cars, but despite its indisputable performance cred, the company’s new SUV is very much a love-it-hate-it machine. Whichever camp you fall in with, however, there’s no denying that a Urus wearing a freaking turquoise chrome full body wrap does grab your attention, in much the same way the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile would stand out in a funeral procession.

If attention is what you want:

We’ll reserve our judgment on whether or not this particular wrap looks good on the Urus, or anything for that matter. We say that because Yianni – the owner of this Urus who also helms London-based wrapping company Yiannimize – has an Aventador S with the exact same wrap. It’s cute that the cars match and all, but that’s a lot of turquoise chrome in one place.

According to the video, wrapping the Urus was rather labor-intensive, with the rear fascia alone taking several hours to complete. In fact, we can see both front and rear fascias removed for the process, as well as the trim around the wheel arches. Not everything went to turquoise though; the SUV’s roof received a gloss black wrap, while both front and rear fascias maintained some black trim.

Turquoise Chrome Lamborghini Urus
Turquoise Chrome Lamborghini Urus
Turquoise Chrome Lamborghini Urus
Turquoise Chrome Lamborghini Urus

Naturally, the video concludes with the grand finale, where the Urus and the matching Aventador are brought together. Actually, we won’t reserve our judgment on this, because seeing both vehicles is just too much. You might be expecting some harsh words, but no – this is freaking awesome. The shade is eye-popping for sure, and if it was on anything but a Lamborghini we might feel differently. If anything, the wild wrap gives the Urus some proper Lambo madness that some feel is missing from the SUV.

Would we want to drive these cars all the time? Not a chance, simply because we’d get real tired of the constant attention they’d bring to driver and passengers inside. But for occasional jaunts to cars and coffee, might as well flaunt it if you got it. And this definitely flaunts it.

Source: Yiannimize via YouTube   

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